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March 31, 2011

don’t mind the minor lull

by ashleyandersondances

we are waiting to make posts til the weekend when the reviews of green map are complete as well as some of burr’s teaching and rehearsing.

we promise both of those things plus new mudson vimeo updates soon.

for now you can attend either the performing dance company at the u or slcc’s new concert inspired by visual art (and featuring a huge array of local guest artists). see this link for details

as always if you have links to share, reviews you’d like posted or even if you just have a question e-mail or call ashley at 801.842.5525

also use this one day blog lull as a good excuse to apply for fall 2011 mudson (see link on the home page)

March 30, 2011

burr is here!

by ashleyandersondances

Aaron Burr Johnson (dancer for John Jasperse, Shen Wei and more) is here!!

We are delighted to have him in residence.
Right now we are scouting sites for a possible rogue performance (or two) about town.

Burr will also be teaching at the University of Utah this week and next as well as some high schools. If you are interested in Burr teaching please e-mail

More details about his residency to follow.

March 29, 2011

local review + interview to come

by ashleyandersondances

if you didn’t see this samba fogo review in city weekly already ch-ch-check it out

also judith jamison. was. incredible.
any person working in the field that long has such a unique vision of how things can and should move forward and how we all continue to relate to one another through dance.
sofia strempek from the u is able to interview her and soon we can post some of her thoughts (and perhaps a transcript of her lecture) on the blog.

because the singular non-incredible part of her lecture was how few students of dance were present.
and i have to say that when judi comes to town you better go with everyone from your rehearsal or your dinner party.

when she honors women like denise jefferson, agnes de mille, sylvia waters and more as part of her history and tells stories of being evicted from dance studios as a child for being african-american yet now having 45,000 students registered in the ailey school, and shares stories of spiritual reciprocity that encircles us by honoring our own teachers and peers, it’s probably not something to miss.

March 28, 2011

pretty cool shout-out

by ashleyandersondances

Just got an e-mail from this organization, to say that was listed in the “best blogs for fine arts students”

Check out the full post, and other noted blogs, here:

March 28, 2011

hawai’i and samoa from ny to la

by ashleyandersondances

Below are two links to articles about a traditional Hawaiian performance in NY as well as a Samoan artist on tour between NY and LA.

Check back on the blog later for a write-up of Judith Jamison’s lecture at Kingsbury Hall tonight.,0,3366435.story

March 27, 2011


by ashleyandersondances

you may have seen BYU reconstruct Panorama, the U also did it awhile ago
but what’s an even more exciting reconstruction is Richard Move as Martha Graham (again and again)

Mark Dendy also did the same thing in an older piece “Dream Analysis” and in newer work he’s also turned to (his version of) reconstructions like “Smoke” by Ruth St. Denis.

March 26, 2011

after you go see judith jamison you should

by ashleyandersondances

really consider going to see bell hooks at the university of utah on march 30 (details from the university are linked below)

some might not consider bell hooks the most related to dance audiences but her work (spanning from “art on my mind” to “feminism is for everybody”) very frequently handles issues of performance, particularly performance by women of color, and her presence here as a cultural critic seems important and worth of our attention.

below is one example of hooks’ work on performance from the google books version of race to reel, it should be at the second where hooks addresses the film “paris is burning”



March 25, 2011

weekend links & call for reviews

by ashleyandersondances

below are some links to reviews here & there. the spring & summer also hold many a local performance to be reviewed. RW will show the Nikolais Centennial, RDT will premiere the heavily previewed Green Map Project, RawMoves will present their new piece “Babble” and there are also some informal group shows on the horizon which we’ll post about soon. if you would like to review any of these shows for the blog and vol. 3 of the performance journal shoot an e-mail to


The LA Times reviews Nederlands Dans Theater

A Dance Magazine review of Doug Varone & Dancers

A Dance Magazine review of PearsonWidrig & Sharon Mansur which features writing about former RW performer Erin Lehua Brown


March 24, 2011


by ashleyandersondances

Judith Jamison (former Alvin Ailey Artistic Director) is going to speak at Kingsbury Hall this coming Monday at 6pm. It’s free but call ahead to reserve tickets 801.581.7100

Also happening soon is the Weber State Concert which features a lot of repertory as well as some student/faculty work. March 31-April 2. Call for details on location and tickets — 800-WSU-TIKS

coming up for loveDANCEmore….
Aaron Burr Johnson arrives in just four days to set to work on some site-specific projects as well as teach at the U

We are also setting up rehearsals for the first part of Karinne Keithley Syers 2011 residency. Open rehearsals at the library soon to be posted!

March 23, 2011

mid-week links

by ashleyandersondances

Oh cognitive scientists, always trying to explain the creative and performing brain.

Oh NYTimes, mostly monopolized by Alistair Macaulay’s continued thoughts on Cunningham repertory or classical ballet but occasionally peppered with interesting reviews of important young women in the field like Laurie Berg (who I think runs AUNTS these days?) and Aynsley Vanderbroucke (who runs the incredible Mt. Tremper space)

Oh, LA Times, who continues to belabor the plight of Spider Man on Broadway and the performers the production has continued to injure along the way.

And last but not least our own Salt Lake paper of record, where the comments on Kathy Adams ODT review are just as interesting as the review itself.

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