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December 31, 2010

sltrib 2010 in dance

by ashleyandersondances

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to read this 2010 wrap-up of all SLC Dance.

In addition to writing about the new space near Capitol Theatre & the accolades of large companies Ririe-Woodbury, Ballet West & RDT, Kathy & Celia also write about developments at the U and loveDANCEmore’s peformance journal, online blog & Mudson performance series for works in progress.

Thank you for including us in the category of building dance muscle!

Photos from the article below….

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December 31, 2010

dance & more, a new event

by ashleyandersondances

Juan Aldape just sent a forward with the link to a new event he’s part of in SLC called 5 Days New Artistic Experiment.

Their event page says…..

Like the 48hr film festival, only with several kinds of mediums. We will have illustration, photography, poetry, dance, and music. The catch is that ALL of it must be created in the first 5 days of the new year. Everyone has 15 minutes.

Andrew Shaw (music)
Allison Martin (music)
The Suicycles (music)
Juan Aldape Dance Co. (dance)
Brian Kubarycz (spoken word)
Emerson Williams (slam/dance)
Ryan Cron (music)
Kate Wolsey: (Illustration)
Becky Heyborne: (photography)
Emma and Addie Ryder (photography)
and more…


January 5, 2011
starts at 9:30, doors open at 9 and is $5 at the door.

@ Urban Lounge (between 2nd & 3rd South on 5th East)

Go. Write your thoughts. Send them to good old and we’ll post them.

Support dance happening in a new space alongside artists of varied disciplines.

December 30, 2010

projects near and far

by ashleyandersondances

below find tons of links to 2011 dance calendars showing a dance metropolis the western united states appears to be.
and remember if you have events to add to the calendar we’ve listed for winter/spring 2011 let us know.
that way we can make sure they get reviewed on the blog in some capacity or another.

the link below announces the REDCAT line-up in LA. Dance events are at the bottom and include another iteration of the AWARD show (wait til March to read a couple of Manifestos about that concept), Eiko & Koma (who I think are in SLC this summer?), Meg Wolfe and more….

also in LA you can follow pieterperformanceartspaceDANCE their events calendar is on the link below and what’s amazing is they only accept non-monetary donations to their free bar, free boutique or the studio (i.e. trash bags and toilet paper).

also also in LA you can check out more low-tech events called Anatomy Riot

While there are no projects listed on the site below I know that a new space is currently being located by the awesome people of the Denver based Control Group Productions. Patrick Mueller and friends were amazing when hosting an SLC tour and bookmark this website for 2011 when more inevitably awesome events ensue.

December 28, 2010

some links

by ashleyandersondances

So the LA Times does all these big 2010 year-end review articles. And I was really excited to see what was written about dance but oops. There were two about pop music, two about classical music, several about visual art, the list goes on, but no dance. Dance did however get mentioned in the theater bits because of Natalie Portman in Black Swan and how admirable they find her acting as a dancer. It wasn’t only listed in that article but then in another highlighting other, more under-rated dance flicks, including Showgirls.

Both articles linked below.,0,4197887.story

Also below is a article from the NYTimes about performances at MOMA.

December 28, 2010

one more day to vote

by ashleyandersondances

cut and paste the link below
scroll to the news/criticism category and cast your vote for loveDANCEmore

some people have messaged us because they can’t get their vote through! this might be because they share and office or home server with someone who has already voted. in that case try to vote from your phone!

thank you so much for supporting this blog which has been around less than 365 days. back to regularly schedule posting tomorrow.

December 27, 2010

vote vote vote

by ashleyandersondances

please click here and vote for loveDANCEmore. only 24 hours!

December 27, 2010

spring previews….

by ashleyandersondances

what’s coming up in slc dance in 2011?  we’ve included the calendars of sugar space, ririe woodbury, rdt & of course loveDANCEmore events in bold.

your own dance event you’d like to add? comment on the post


21-22- Neta Pulvermacher alongside her company & local dancers @ the Rose

25-30- dance-dance: a gallery of video @ the Hive Gallery in Trolley Square.
$10, $5 students

noon-9pm on weekdays, noon-11pm on weekends
featuring almost 30 films representing 15 states & 5 countries

28-29– RW’s Circle Cycle @ Capitol Theater, for details

29- After Dark @ Sugar Space,


10-11 – SUITE @ Sugar Space,

12 – RDT’s Charette Fundraiser,

28- FEBRUARY MUDSON, featured artists announced soon, 7:30pm, FREE


21- MARCH MUDSON, featured artists announced soon, 7:30pm, FREE
& the release of learning to loveDANCEmore/vol 2/MANIFESTO

31- Place: Dancing the Green Map @ the Rose,


1-2- Place: Dancing the Green Map @ the Rose,

18- APRIL MUDSON, featured artists announced soon, 7:30pm, FREE

21-23- Nikolais Centennial,

28-may 1– Raw Moves @ Sugar Space,

December 24, 2010

best dance sequence of the holiday season

by ashleyandersondances
December 23, 2010

as much as i hate doing this…

by ashleyandersondances

I am about to post another article about the Nutcracker. By the continuously despicable Alistair Macaulay.

However….he says nice things about kids from good old SLC like Satchell & Juliette who are apparently amazing as Clara and Fritz. According to Alistair (aka the Grinch) the kids here are some of the best of the billions of kids dancing with trumpets all across this great nation. He doesn’t even insult their weight like he does the adults in New York! That’s worth posting right?

In any case there is nothing else as the LATimes has a bunch of reviews of the Grinch Musical & all the local company seasons have ended for now & even the Tribune has resorted to posting the love story of two Ballet West company members.


December 23, 2010

top dance blog update

by ashleyandersondances

because loveDANCEmore was one of the top blogs in the criticism category we have moved on to the dance advantage final voting for top dance blog.

updates soon about when/how to continue to cast your vote for loveDANCEmore.

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