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October 31, 2010

Reconstructions abroad and at home…

by ashleyandersondances

Ishmael Houston-Jones (accomplished choreographer and prez of the board of Ashley Anderson Dances) just finished a two weekend run at P.S. 122 in New York City. He presented a reconstruction of Them, a controversial piece he made in 1986 with writer Dennis Cooper and musician Chris Cochrane. Here are some reviews:

…from the New York Times:

from Movement Research Critical Correspondence (written by U of U graduate Lindsey Drury):

What do you think about reconstruction? How have you seen it work, here or elsewhere? Who would you like to see come here to (re)make their work?

October 29, 2010

for even more info

by ashleyandersondances

on our artist-in-residence

see her website

questions about her show? e-mail

October 28, 2010

artist-in-residence almost here

by ashleyandersondances

Diana Crum is about to pack her bags and make her way to SLC.
While here she’ll be rehearsing each night with Ashley Anderson, Sam Hanson, Cherie Mockli, Mike Watkiss & Angela Campos on a piece for the Main Library’s Urban Room.
She’ll also be teaching at a few high schools, SLCC & the University of Utah while she is here.

We’ll post details about the time of her showings on Nov 7 & 8 as soon as she sees the space. Check the facebook event page & our fall calendar tab on this site for updated info.

We are bringing Diana to town because we feel that her work is interesting & different than a lot of projects happening in SLC. Seeing her work adds to our dance community & helps us think about new approaches. Below are the links to videos by two choreographers we’d love to see as new artists-in-residence in coming months or years.

Who are artists you’d like to see making projects here? Who would you like us to support?
Your comments & feedback help us determine our programming!

October 27, 2010

calling all reviews

by ashleyandersondances

loveDANCEmore (the blog & the events) run based on contributions of members of the slc dance community.

we don’t have reviewers scheduled for pdc at the university nor do we have anyone scheduled for the season opener at ballet west. nor is there any way we could know about everything happening across the state.

so just a reminder.
any and all reviews/writing can be sent to

October 26, 2010

see our november press release here

by ashleyandersondances

visit this link to see our november press release.

it gives information about diana crum & our final fall mudson.

October 26, 2010

more spaces

by ashleyandersondances

The link below show information about the about-to-be-preserved Utah Theater on Main Street in downtown Salt Lake.

News awhile back indicated it’s preservation would be for a Broadway style theater despite the Capitol already around the corner. Maybe it’s one of many spaces that could house new dance….

Thoughts on the space or other spaces around town you’d like to see dance happen?

October 25, 2010

news news

by ashleyandersondances

news from ballet west … a new dance space … and the season opener (including my fave, the four temperaments)

October 25, 2010

important reminders

by ashleyandersondances

Visit our kickstarter by clicking the link below or the graphic on the right hand side of this page. We only need about $100 to pay each Mudson choreographer $50 stipends for their work. You can offer a donation at a minimum of only $1 and donations of $10 or more will see that you are listed formally as a donor.

While we patiently await our 501c3 determination we are confident that sooner or later these donations will become retroactively tax deductible.

We are happy to offer Mudson and the performance journal for free but it means we need a little help to ensure proper support for our artists. The way we figure: if you give us one buck on kickstarter that will be only 100 cents you’ve paid for the opportunity to see three showings, read a 21 page journal & see an artist in residence performance. That’s for fall 2010 alone! If you can’t give at least help spread the word by inviting friends to see the blog or our facebook page.

Also importantly!

Click this link below to see the application for spring Mudson. Due Nov 15 so get cracking.
If you have questions about work-samples or the general application please e-mail or call Ashley at 801.842.5525

We’ve had some questions about whether English is the only language possible to use on the application. If English is a second-language send a message to with your preferred application language and we’ll make sure someone on the review-panel can translate it for you, we promise.


October 23, 2010

thought for today

by ashleyandersondances

if you haven’t read “Gestures of Genius: Women, Dance & the Body” by Rachel Vigier, you might want to. Especially because it deals profoundly with the Nikolais history that is so much a part of SLC’s dance fabric and so important to the histories of women in modern dance.

I was re-reading and came across something I forgot. A quotation by the mayor of Indianapolis (Lew Shanks) when Isadora Duncan was first performing.

“Isadora ain’t foolin’ me any. She talks about art. Huh! I’ve seen a lot of these twisters & I know as much about art as any may in America, but I never went to see these dancers for art’s sake. No sire, I’ll be that ninety percent of men who go to those so-called classical dancers just say they think it’s artistic to fool their wives…No sir, these nude dancers don’t get by me. If she goes pulling off her clothes and throwin’ them in the air, as she is said to have done in Boston, there’s going to be somebody getting a ride in the wagon.”

There are so many things I could say about this in relationship to dances I’ve watched as of late. So many that instead of saying them I’ll just read it again and ask what anyone else thinks.

October 22, 2010

for out of towners

by ashleyandersondances

if you live out of town & want a copy of the fall 2010 learning to loveDANCEmore performance journal it’s easy.

click on the buy now button below to pay a small fee to cover shipping/printing and we’ll send one your way.

if you are feeling slightly more generous donating 10+ to our kickstarter campaign also gets you a copy. just click on the right hand side of this page to visit our kickstarter page.

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