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February 28, 2011


by ashleyandersondances

the first spring MUDSON is today!!

7:30pm @ the Masonic Temple (650 E. South Temple, parking/entrance in the back)

it’s FREE as always, though donations are always appreciated by loveDANCEmore to continue our programs

tonight will feature
a new “transitional” project by Rachael Shaw
a collaboration between Venus Fly (Chelsea Ellis) and musician, Giraffula
new pieces by Utah students Wyn Pottratz & Shelby Terrell
a continuation of Katie Meehan’s work in progress which began with the Fall Mudson series

featuring performances by about a million awesome students and dance favorites from SLC.

questions? call Ashley 801 842 5525
or e-mail

ALSO if you want to be more involved by sharing your choreography in future Mudson programs the application for the Fall Season is available on our homepage.

February 27, 2011

tomorrow, tomorrow

by ashleyandersondances

the first Mudson of the spring is tomorrow.

I know it doesn’t seem like spring outside but if anything can will it back, it’s Mudson

it’s FREE, at 7:30 in the glorious Masonic Temple (650 E. South Temple)

you’ll see four works in progress including a waiting room pre-show by Rachael Shaw & Cecile Paskett.

invite your friends and support the emerging work of Utah choreographers

February 26, 2011

long live yvonne meier

by ashleyandersondances

The link above is a great review written by Gia Kourlas about Yvonne Meier’s “Brother of Gogolorez” are part of “Body Madness” curated by Judy Hussie-Taylor.

I’m posting this link mostly because long live Yvonne is a great expression and totally warranted. You should check out her work.

But I’m also posting because this volume of the journal will feature more writing by Gia Kourlas in conversation with Judy Hussie Taylor about this very series which she modeled somewhat after the Futurist Manifesto. Look forward.

February 25, 2011

details details

by ashleyandersondances

for even MORE details on the upcoming mudson visit this link & share with all your friends in the social media land—you-re-invited.html?soid=1103640939112&aid=zwCsgrmhSns

see you monday.not until then though because the journal proof is headed to the printer and we are busy here!

any questions about mudson or the journal e-mail or call Ashley at 801 842 5525

February 24, 2011

contemplating spring mudson

by ashleyandersondances

last fall i made a post about Sally Banes book on the history of Judson as i preparing for the first mudson performances last fall. this spring it’s easier, the contracts are the same and more people know what to expect. bu i continued to go back to the book by Sally Banes called “Democracy’s Body: Judson Dance Theater 1962-1964″.

mostly because she reminds me of the necessity for alternative modes of performance so well. she writes about the collective risk-taking of the original judson group and says…

“The Judson group had not only changed the methods by which dances were made and the content of dances…and presenting their concerts free of charge to a community audience were two factors that affect the social institution of dance viewing. In a Sunday article in the New York Times in August 1963, Allen Hughes suggested…people had begun to realize that dancing is theater, and that as theater it ‘may be a more reliable source of literate entertainment than Broadway theater.’ And, he announced, ‘the tenet that stage dancing is enjoyable only to connoisseurs, initiates, ‘eggheads’, or something worse continues to lose place in the American credo.’” (p.152)

so now i’ll cut and past what i said last fall which i still think,

“I think this is the direction modern dance in SLC is moving. Toward a place were there is one single thing we are to glean from performance and toward a place where we gain information from watching performance and watching it more, not to mention watching it for free.”


February 23, 2011

mudson and journal oh my.

by ashleyandersondances

so only a few days til mudson. which will be mostly what is blogged about for the next few days.

wanted to take a minute to give a huge thanks to Matthew Hall who just began work on the layout for the spring volume of learning to loveDANCEmore.

we can’t thank him enough for his support of loveDANCEmore events and suggest you visit him at Gray Wall Gallery to see his awesome visual art among many others hanging in their new group show.

February 22, 2011

a show.

by ashleyandersondances

Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavic were recently on the panel on dance and technology at Salt Lake Art Center. They had some pretty nice things to say. They have a show coming up and the link below has all the details.

February 21, 2011

only one week til Mudson

by ashleyandersondances

Click the link below to RSVP to the first spring Mudson on facebook.

If you didn’t know this installment will feature the works-in-progress of five talented women choreographers.

Rachael Shaw (in collaboration with others) is creating a “lobby pre-show” which guests will walk through before seeing the performance.

The evening will also feature a continuation of “jane, jeannette and stanley,” a work in progress by Utah senior Katie Meehan which she first showed at Mudson last fall. The work has definitely changed in scope and rather than a solo now features (I think) eight performers. Wyn Pottratz is showing a new work and if you saw her film “Men Are Dogs” at the dance gallery you’ll know she definitely has a unique point of view. Chelsea Ellis is coming up from UVU to present a new solo work and Shelby Terrell from the U will show a new duet.

Any questions e-mail or call Ashley at 801 842 5525.!/event.php?eid=193966860629978

February 20, 2011

did anyone attend?

by ashleyandersondances

how was the performance? how are the presentations?

February 20, 2011

when artistic collaborations work out

by ashleyandersondances,0,7128549.story

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