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March 9, 2013


by ashleyandersondances

Mudson is back! Check out full event details and RSVP here. 

Mudson will feature works-in-progress on both March 18th and April 15th.
Always at 7:30pm in the Masonic Temple Ballroom (650 E. South Temple).
Always free.

March will feature works by Karin Fenn, Sam Hanson, Conor Provenzano, Kate Monson & Emily Haygeman with Margaret Tarampi.

Sam is up to something new with text, Kate is filling up a fish tank with sand, Emily & Margaret collaborate with neuroscience and Karin is a real mystery.
Come support their choreographic process by being a sounding board for their newest ideas. They would do the same for you, they probably have.

photo of mudson set up

February 19, 2013

the new journal is on the way

by ashleyandersondances

Themed around “collaboration” the journal submissions are in! With intern, Charlie Hoffmeister, we are putting together the copy as well as reviews from the past season in SLC.

We are so excited that this issue with feature the local collaborations of Movement Forum, Erin Kaser Romero, and Emily Haygeman with Margaret Tarampi alongside national efforts like, Jennifer Monson’s iLAND project, Jo Cairns & Rachel Nelson who are creating a Feminist Pop-Up Festival, Diana Crum’s musing on collaboration with sites, Gina T’ai & Susan Honer’s Distance Dances, and even some Judson Mudson offshoots in Virginia.

Beyond the content of the themed material there are almost double the reviews in this journal than the past two issues. This could be because loveDANCEmore has made an effort to secure reviews of even the smallest performances but it may also be because more dances are being made and watched in SLC. That is an accomplishment as a community that is definitely worthwhile. The issue will be edited through the end of the month and should be released at the end of March. Details on subscriptions for past issues can be found on the journal tab above.



February 19, 2013

Why Utah?

by lovedancemoreguest

Although I live a couple thousand miles from Salt Lake City in New York and I haven’t been there since I was a teenager, (many decades ago), I agreed to chair the board of Ashley Anderson Dances because I believed that Ashley’s intelligence, tenacity, love of dance, and ties to SLC would make something wonderful happen out there.

My prediction was spot on. In just over three years she has instigated Mudson, the learningtolovedancemore journal, performing opportunities for local dancers and residencies for dance makers from afar, dance/film/video screenings, this blog and of course 18-month old Anderson Edward Garrett. (She had a little help for that last one.) So it was with great pride that I read that she was chosen by City Weekly to answer the question: “Why do you create in Utah?” But more than the fact that Ashley was chosen, the insight of her answer made me proud that I know her and in some small way, help her do what she does. Her answer to the question was:

“I make dances because I am interested in the potential of the body to display and displace expectation; the way dances create physical logic that we follow, question and relate to our own experiences.”

And why Utah?

“… simple and complicated reasons. … It is big enough to have numerous dance companies and a general comprehension of concert dance. Yet, it is small enough that the resources are manageable and easy to access. There is the possibility for new audiences intermingling with historic patrons, and that conversation is of interest to me, as an artist.”

The full article can be found at:

Ishmael Houston-Jones is the Chair of Ashley Anderson Dances.

February 8, 2013

by ashleyandersondances

Thanks to Sarah Thompson for her write-up of the current dance film gallery show in 15 BYTES. 

While her article talks in depth about the work of each artist some highlights include:

“…periodically, something new arrives on the scene, something that offers a different take on what a gallery can be, what art can be, a new way of seeing and experiencing…from January 18 through March 8…that something is Arrivals/Departures, a film, video and dance event presented by the Rio Gallery in conjunction with loveDANCEmore.”

“Arrivals/Departures is a unique, intense, challenging event, that will abundantly repay the effort you put into it. The films on display clearly illuminate the additional possibilities offered by dance film and site specific dance, as very few could be performed live with the same effect, while the live dances offer both a contrast and the opportunity to sample a variety of approaches to live dance for free.”

We hope you take her advice at the end of the review, to attend gallery stroll for the live performance and return during the week to see films you may have missed in the shuffle. With 17 projects available to see it’s definitely an undertaking and something we hope continues to engage and challenge audiences.


Tara & Alex perform choreography by Ashley; films by Diana & Sam

Tara & Alex perform choreography by Ashley; films by Diana & Sam



January 23, 2013

thanks SLUG

by ashleyandersondances

SLUG has recently started a lot more coverage of experimental dance (thanks in part to Alex Ortega) and 2013 is seeing a continuation as they covered Arrivals/Departures on the podcast this week as well as an online feature. 

Check out the links for a good description on the opening performance and mark your calendars for February 15th when new performances will take place alongside the video installations.

January 17, 2013

this weekend

by ashleyandersondances

Tomorrow is the opening of Arrivals/Departures at the Rio Gallery (300 S. Rio Grande, literally under the Rio Grande sign downtown for those that might be unfamiliar).

Since the founding of “ashley anderson dances” in 2010 loveDANCEmore has produced numerous new media screenings but this is definitely more expansive in size and scope and we are really proud of the show. Arrivals/Departures features work by local artists Erin Kaser Romero, Ellen Bromberg, Sam Hanson, Ashley Anderson & Juan Aldape (as well as their collaborators and performers) but it features a lot of national artists with strong Utah ties; Karinne Keithley Syers & Diana Crum (previous artists-in-residence) as well as Prentice Whitlow & David Rousseve (former RW performer & choreographer respectively).

You might see films by viewing them from your seat with headphones but you might also see them through telescoping lenses and by reading QR codes. You might see the familiar landscapes of Sugar House Park, the Salt Flats and the Main Library but you will also see unfamiliar landscapes both real and imagined.

You can see it all through March 8th during the Rio’s business hours (weekdays 8-5) but gallery stroll offers up three performances which include choreography and performance by Ashley Anderson, Tara McArthur, Alex Bradshaw, Cherie Mockli & Emily Haygeman. The dances are ongoing from 7-9 and you can approach them much the way you might one of the films. Arrive when you can, watch however long you are able and take away what you will.

Arrivals/Departures: Jan 18-Mar 8 at the Rio Gallery
Gallery Stroll Performances 7-9; Jan 18 & Feb 15
Admission is free, no reservations

If that’s not enough dance for your weekend the Sugar Show also has a new installment on Saturday and there are upcoming shows by SBDance, co.da & more. Check back the blog for details and reviews on all SLC dance in 2013.

December 27, 2012

year end review

by ashleyandersondances

Some of you may have seen our year end report in an e-mail blast earlier this month. (If you didn’t subscribe on the home page!) It detailed loveDANCEmore activities for 2012 but also the activities of “ashley anderson dances” the 501c3 which continues to produce loveDANCEmore programs for the SLC dance scene.

2012 was a pretty great year:

  • Mudson presented 18 dances in progress, with $50 stipends to each artists &  a Vimeo archive.
  • The first Daughters of Mudson was curated by Ishmael Houston-Jones for select Mudson artists to complete their works-in-progress. Daughters had 2 sold-out shows at the Rose, 5 dances by 5 incredible women & 2 stellar reviews on the blog & in SLUG.
  • learning to loveDANCEmore released volumes 4 & 5 with essays and reviews by 17 local writers and 9 national contributors
  • on the new media front we hosted “Screen Deep” in the UMOCA auditorium which showcased free films by 16 artists from 5 states and 3 countries in addition to curating the March edition of Dances Made to Order which featured 5 Utah dancers and filmmakers.
  • Movement Forum (aka MoFo) was in residence and received administrative support for their upcoming show including liability insurance and dancer stipends.
  • AND this very blog you are reading had: 134 posts authored by Ashley, 14 guest contributors and 3 interns which included 35 reviews of local productions. AND it was noted with the 2012 Arty for Best Dance Forum

On top of the community programs, ashley anderson dances, presented 3 new dances and 3 re-staged works for over 15 shows at venues including: Nox Contemporary, the Arts Bank (PA), the Rose Wagner Studio Theater, the Provo 4th Ward & more. Ashley taught 415 classes at over 20 venues and spent her second summer co-directing the UArts Pre-College Dance Program in Philadelphia (131 classes, 20 teachers & 70 students in two weeks!)

And there is a lot more on the horizon in 2013. Not only the continuation of existing programs like Mudson and learning to loveDANCEmore but the continued search for new venues and methods to share current dance-making in the community. These events require your support and there are a few days left in the calendar year to make a (totally tax-deductible donation).

Last year 40% of the budget was spent on fees for individual artists with an additional 20% going to program support for performances that are mostly free to the public. You can mark your donation for any program that you support in particular whether it’s Mudson fees, the acquisition of materials for the next performance journal or a new media project.

As you consider donating keep in mind that almost all of our events are free and absolutely all are offered at insanely low rates for students. “Arrivals/Departures” our gallery show at the Rio will be free from January 18-March 8 of 2013 and showcases numerous new dance films by local and national artists. Free performances during gallery stroll by local choreographers and performers on January 18 and February 15 as well.

Check it out and keep the programs in mind at the end of the year. We couldn’t create this programming without such a vibrant community of artists and audiences. Thanks.


November 20, 2012


by ashleyandersondances

Apply by December 1st for Spring Mudson. The application only requires a URL of your work and is free to submit. Selected choreographers will have a show in either February, March or April plus get 50 bucks and a digital copy of their work.

Are you kidding me it is that easy to subsidize the early stages of a project? It’s also possible curated into our show at the Rose? Is there any excuse not to do this?

Click here to apply. Questions to

November 19, 2012


by ashleyandersondances

Tonight is the last Mudson of Fall 2012. 7:30pm at the Masonic Temple (650 E. South Temple).
Free admission to see works in progress by: Nancy Carter, Efren Corado with Tara McArthur, Karin Fenn, Eileen Rojas & Movement Forum.

If you haven’t read it check out this article from SLUG which gives really good insight into how Mudson isn’t just another dance show, but instead is a forum that changes the kinds of dance being made in SLC and the kind of dance audiences.

Also Mudson is an open application process. You can apply here. for Spring 2013. Applications due December 1st.
Be forewarned, this is a google doc and that flips some people out. I promise that you can print it and fill it out. I absolutely promise.

Questions? E-mail

November 15, 2012

coming up coming up

by ashleyandersondances

This weekend RDT shows “Time Capsule” at the Rose — Sam Hanson will be writing for the blog but anyone else can submit reviews to Same goes for Masonography in the Studio Theater at the Rose, Katherine Adler will be writing but send your own thoughts, as always. As if two performances wasn’t enough for the weekend the final fall Mudson will be Monday the 19th, 7:30pm at the Masonic Temple (650 E. South Temple). Not positive yet but this might be our last Mudson at the Masonic Temple, we won’t know for sure until the spring but don’t miss your possibly last chance to see these glow in the dark masks.

Also I spent the snowy weekend reading some old reviews on the New York Times website. I looked for other dance reviews but they seem so scant. Other recommendations for good sites?

In this review, Claudia La Rocco gets at something I feel a lot of our reviewers have tried to get to when looking at repertory that seems to be a similar cascade of music and imagery. I appreciate the discussion of the real nuance that some changes can bring to the way audiences view material they might otherwise find “expected”.

This piece is nice to read both in the wake of Hurricane Sandy but also as dance continues to be vital in gallery spaces. It also starts an inevitably long discussion about the controversy surrounding Deborah Hay’s work which addressed racial politics in a (most likely) really unproductive way.

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