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January 31, 2011

kind of amazing link

by ashleyandersondances

click below to see the link on new footage found of the ballet russes.

if you continue afterward to scan the new york times dance page you might discover alistair macaulay thought his best move after writing terrible comments about the body of the sugar plum fairy would be to write about fred astaire in blackface. and he’s on salary?!

January 29, 2011

last day!

by ashleyandersondances

last day of dance-dance at trolley square

many a guest has been enjoying the videos today and we are almost out of catalogues! stop by this afternoon and then check out performances at GARFO tonight between 7-9 for their Oh Nancy! closing reception.

after dance-dance we’ll be back to our regularly schedule blogging and for a start you can read this article the chronicle wrote about graduating senior patrick barnes as he performs with RW this weekend in their kids show.

January 28, 2011

another day evennnnn more pictures

by ashleyandersondances

guests for today include members of the cottonwood high school dance company
and some twins in matching outfits.
it’s totally awesome.
we’re here til 11pm.

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January 27, 2011

more days more pictures

by ashleyandersondances

below are some more pictures of our gallery viewers.

remember only 2 more days to see this dance film extravanganza.
almost everyone in attendance has a different opinion about each project and it’s cool to see such a diversity of likes and dislikes as people go through.

also cool is watching how everyone approaches the installation projects in the back.
so get down here and maybe we’ll post a picture of you awkwardly looking into a viewbox.

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January 27, 2011

only 72 hours

by ashleyandersondances

only 3 days left of dance-dance: a gallery of video @ Trolley Square

good feedback so far. many guests (friends & strangers) are surprised by the number of videos there are to see and experience.

we get there today at noon and stay til 9

fri-sat hours extend to 11 for any night-owls

tomorrow the cottonwood high school dance company is headed over to check it out. if you wanted to bring a similar sized group but would need discounts you can call ashley at 801 842 5525 and she’ll hook you up

January 26, 2011

review of 2280 Pints @ the Rose

by ashleyandersondances

below is the review of Neta Pulvermacher’s show at the Rose by graduating University of Utah seniors Mallory Rosenthal & Emily Terndrup. I talked to many people after this show and know this opinion is one of many so if you have comments or additional reviews please remember to send them to

This past weekend we attended Neta Pulvermacher’s 2280 PINTS! at the Rose Wagner Blackbox Theater. Twenty-three local dancers performed in the show, dancing alongside the five members of The Neta Dance Company in several sections of the evening-length work. Inspired by Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander’s Rain Rains, an installation of leaking buckets, 2280 PINTS! is a series of vignettes, each centered around large, white, plastic buckets.

We found it difficult to pin down our feelings about this work. The performance veered wildly back and forth between leaving us highly amused, highly confused, frustrated, bored, and fascinated. There were certainly a number of arresting moments—Pulvermacher created several scenes of beauty, wit, and poignancy. However, there was no flow to the show as a whole; transitions between scenes were often jarring and unexpected (and not in a positive way). A number of lovely ideas became tired as they overstayed their welcome on the stage, while other equally interesting ideas fled too quickly. Every piece centered around the buckets. The dancers walked in the buckets, on the buckets, stuck their heads in the buckets, built the buckets into set pieces before breaking them down. It’s nice to see an artist truly research her material to the point of exhausting her possibilities, but it seemed to us that this research remained in the physical and functional realms. There was no metaphor and no depth to the relationship between performer and object. We’re not saying that everything needs to be symbolic or meaningful, but it would have been nice to see at least one of the vignettes carrying out the pursuit of something with more intellectual and emotional resonance. We found ourselves asking, “Yes, but what about buckets?”

On another note, this show utilized audience participation in both the first and last sections. As the audience filed into the blackbox theater, all twenty-eight dancers were frozen on the stage, waiting for audience members to deposit coins into their buckets or outstretched palms, which sent them into a short solo dance with their bucket. The effect was whimsical and charming, and had a likeness to life-size, dancing, carnival toys.  Once the game subsided, the dancers pulled audience members onstage to replace them in their various shapes. We both felt this part of the audience participation was mildly awkward but amusing. This was audience participation done well. Less well done was the audience participation in the ending section, where performers ran up the isles and dragged audience members onto the stage to dance to blasting hip-hop music. The spectacle was both alarming and uncomfortable. As soon as the dancers began climbing the stairs, we gasped “Oh, my god” and grabbed our armrests in terror and protest. Why do choreographers do this? It’s not fun to do, and it’s not fun to watch. Audience participation can be important and merited for certain experience-based works, and certainly can and has been done well in proscenium settings, but forcing audience members to unexpectedly bump and grind onstage seems a confusing and lame choreographic choice. Highlights of the show include a tongue-in-cheek trio of dancers accompanying a video of a bucket “out-and-about” (and by the way, has anyone seen the trailer for that RUBBER movie? Do yourself a favor and find it.) We always enjoy seeing a choreographer include multi-media components in his or her work. This section was one of the most experimental, and we felt one of the most successful. Before finishing up, we would like to commend the talented troupe of The Neta Dance Company for their engaging and impressive performance.

January 26, 2011

day one – kids watch videos

by ashleyandersondances

here are some pics of the first day of dance-dance

most of them are of my friends atticus and phineas watching videos. because they are adorable and serve as a reminder that most of the videos in the installation are really family friendly.

see you today we’ll be there noon-9pm

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January 25, 2011

some gallery pics

by ashleyandersondances

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the gallery is underway and we’ve had several guests this afternoon, all here for sundance and just checking it out.

we’re waiting for our favorite dancers to come out and see films by their colleagues elizabeth stich, josie patterson, erin romero, wyn pottratz and more.

also if you saw ririe-woodbury perform “bittersweet chocolate” this past fall you can check out his acclaimed film version of the piece which is running on our large projector.

below is a gallery of pictures of the set-up. because it’s dark (duh, for films) you can’t see the images but you can see that it looks pretty awesome and you should get down here tonight.

January 25, 2011

today is the day

by ashleyandersondances

dance-dance: a gallery of video starts today in Trolley Square.

from noon-9pm come out to see many local, national, and international dance films

$10 general, $students, 1/2 off blog subscribers and fb friends!

questions? call ashley at 801 842 5525

we’ll post pictures and updates as the week goes on and also have reviews to post from Neta Pulvermacher’s show at the Rose.

January 24, 2011


by ashleyandersondances

the much awaited dance gallery starts tomorrow @ trolley square

we are hard at work (thanks to sam hanson, amy sudbury, emily haygeman and more!) installing the gallery in the old dance studio on the 2nd floor of trolley square (across from the hive gallery).

trolley square has tons of free underground parking (enter on sixth east) and lots of parking around the facility.and it’s free!

we’ll be there from noon-9 all week.

any questions? call ashley at 801 842 5525

or send an e-mail to!/event.php?eid=143971182323052

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