Arty Time

by ashleyandersondances

It’s that time of year again when City Weekly gets some voting underway for it’s annual Artys issue. In years past loveDANCEmore has been rewarded for the performance journal, being a dance start-up and Ashley Anderson’s performance with Regina Rocke at Sugar Space. The Artys regularly mention independent projects but they don’t always make it to the ballot and you should write some in!! If you do a write-in make sure you click “other” before typing and check the tally at the bottom so your voice is represented. 

On the link above some independent projects you might consider mentioning as write-ins include…..

Daughters of Mudson and it’s various choreographers and stand-out performers.
The films made for Dances Made to Order by Sam, Aniko and Josie.
Choreography and performance by local groups like My Turkey Sandwich, co.da, MOFO and the choreographers of Suite.
Performers and choreographers participating in the Nox Contemporary shows in July.
Tours like tEEth by Dance Theater Coalition.

and of course, learning to loveDANCEmore as a great multimedia publication!!

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