Master Class, the next journal and more

by ashleyandersondances

This week Stevan is teaching for Master Class so get on over to RW on Wednesday evening or Saturday morning. Remember they have public transit discounts, regularly update facebook with new teacher bios/event details and are one of few options for regular, professional level class in the city.

Also count down the days until SPRING MUDSON and the NEXT PERFORMANCE JOURNAL ISSUE. March is the time it all begins. This journal features writing by a lot of people but one of my favorite things right now is a piece by Margaret Paek reflecting on this project at Danspace…

It is alongside photos from the event and a great article by Brenda Daniels (interim dean at UNCSA on dancing and motherhood in major American companies).

If that wasn’t enough the Whitney Biennial is giving dance some of the love it deserves. In an era where it’s sometimes cooler to say things like “I’m a contemporary movement artist” or something else that really means “I make dances” they are highlighting choreography in the 2012 Biennial and saying things like this in the NYTimes:
“It seems like performance art had stolen the limelight away from all the really exciting things that were going on in dance itself,” Ms. Sussman said. “We’re recognizing that.”


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