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May 17, 2011

more coming up

by ashleyandersondances

different reviewers are slowly getting snowed into their houses and so hopefully those items will be on the way ASAP.

in the meantime lots is still going on this weekend

Aerial Arts of Utah is having their showcase at Sugar Space this Saturday at 7:30. Elizabeth Stich let me know this isn’t a huge, formal production but a party for the birthday of the program and a way to highlight student progress over the year and feature the work of various instructors.

we’ve written about the RDT anniversary program and linked to the Tribune so head out this Saturday before visiting Aerial Arts. but first, pick up a copy of Catalyst to read Amy Brunvand’s take. Soon to be featured in Catalyst is also a little diddy about the work of ashley anderson dances/loveDANCEmore so keep your eyes peeled. you can see the current issue here

in addition to writing about RDT Brunvand writes about the upcoming SB dance show on June 11, 17 & 18 of his “BEaST” blasts from the past.

that same weekend there will also be a dance performance at the Main Library as part of “global water dances” featuring works by Ashley Anderson, Juan Aldape & Hillary Van Moorleghem for the SLC Ballet.

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