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May 10, 2011

issues of space

by ashleyandersondances

the Tribune today revealed a sort of conundrum as far as spaces go. the links below are about the GARFO space closing as the attached Visual Art Institute relocates and alternatingly, Mayor Becker’s insistence that building (another) Broadway style theater is a really great idea.

while these articles don’t reference one another (or even dance really) they are related not only to one another but to the issues emerging dance faces in term of space.

GARFO was/is a great space because it allowed for so many things (including the occasional performance of which choreographers like Nancy Carter took advantage). it showcased national  artists alongside Utah artists which promotes dialogue and engages those art forms in ways they can move forward and ask new questions.

this Broadway space is based more on city-notoriety and less on the necessities of advancing art in our communities (dance included). and who knows, maybe it will turn out to be really financially responsible (although I’ve never really known any large-scale productions to be responsible in that way), but why not spend significantly less to make modifications to existing Broadway tour venues & use other budgets to expand art in our communities that could make money for community members (aka choreographers, painters, writers). different management of funds seems better than relegating emerging artists to Cara Despain’s solution of having a “homeless art gallery” much like loveDANCEmore’s homeless presenting series (we’ve used spaces all over the valley for our programs while we lay in wait for an ideal home-base).

as fun as it can be to move from space to space and feel nomadic and therefore hip, it’s more sad alongside lots of dollars used to produce the Lion King around the corner from where we all watched it (and loved it) in 2010. add to this mix spaces like to Rose where the rent can be high or the new space next to Capitol Theater which will likely be more expansion for Ballet West than new dance organizations or Sugar Space which has housed about a million of our projects but can only house so much. What you get is a conundrum for emerging dance and space, emerging visual arts and space, space and space and enough space.

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