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November 27, 2010

remember remember

by ashleyandersondances

that all your reviews/comments are welcome. Juan Aldape (past Sugar Show winner) will be writing about the final Sugar Show & Mallory Rosenthal will be writing about Cipher. But feel free to add your thoughts to the threads or send them via e-mail.

And if you aren’t up to reviewing a show at least come up with a MANIFESTO to include in volume 2 of the journal.
e-mail to
by jan 15, 2011
for consideration in the publication

your MANIFESTO can be about any number of topics and presented in any number of ways
it can be a play on an old manifesto (i.e. yvonne rainer’s “no manifesto”)
it can be a paper about dance manifestos
it can be your own personal thoughts on your dance practice (i.e. improvisation, making dances, a specific technique, somatics)
it can be how you feel about the dance community, funding in dance, current curatorial trends

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